The Photographs

I would describe myself as a keen amateur photographer, though when not travelling I will rarely pick up my camera. Soon after I first started travelling alone in 2000, I developed a strong desire to photographically document my experiences and impressions. To me, a good photograph captures one’s impressions of a place; a good photograph should convey emotion and atmosphere as well as details, though obviously this is subject to vary varied interpretations from person to person. Satisfaction for me is when I have visited a place and have managed to document the experience by means of photography.

At My Favourite Spot on the Planet – Passu, Pakistan – 18th October 2008

The power of a photograph to convey emotions and store memories is dangerous however, for at the time of taking a picture, one’s choices of subject may be far from objective, yet the nature of a photograph is to preserve this impression for posterity. It is partly for this reason that I have written my experiences in some detail and chosen a selection of photographs to reinforce the text as much as possible, rather than having mere captions to explain photographs.

Tens of thousands of photographs were taken during The Odyssey, which to date covers forty-five stages, 2058 days and 252,151 kilometres of overland travel. A selection of images which supplement those which have been used already on this website may be found here:

Eurasia Overland on Flickr


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